Copyright Policy

One-Touch - is an Internet Service Provider that meets industry standards in the field of copyright. One- Touch promptly respond to claims of non-compliance with the author's rights, filed a designated copyright agent. One-Touch takes into account and does not interfere into standard technical procedures used to identify and protect copyrighted works and remove Materials, which he honestly believes may violate the copyrights of third parties or otherwise be illegal, and stops providing services to users who are constantly making such infringing material available. One-Touch takes all possible measures to comply with current legislation and regulations of the copyright. However, due to the nature of services and the huge amount processed information, we must introduce certain legally recognized presumption regarding the actions of users and Materials. We urge you to carefully consider the following before you contact us. One-Touch team will do everything possible to cooperate with the relevant copyright owners and to prevent possible abuses.

  1. Determination of Material
    Information or data components are formed in the type of indivisible "units", which is subject to regulation by itself: some chords make music track; sets of words form phrases and text; bytes form software, etc. For the purposes of this policy such indivisible "units" of information will continue to be referred to as material.
  2. Internet service provider
    One-Touch - is an Internet Service Provider, which provides automatic services (as set out Article 2 of the User Agreement). As a result, he does not possess, does not publish or distribute any end- user Materials. The end-users of the resource do this.
  3. Right of User to control the access to Materials
    Decisions on how to use access to the materials of the end user, accepted only by end users.
  4. The absence of index
    One-Touch unfortunately is not technically able to index or to try to discover huge amount of information, processed or stored on the One-Touch servers.
  5. Automatic filtration
    The One-Touch is introduced by Automatic Filtering of End User Materials, in order to prevent violation of the User Agreement and third party rights. According to the results of filtering materials protected by copyright are identified and those who violate it will be deducted from it and processed. This automatic filtering is considered to be an additional measure and does not guarantee a complete and accurate identification of all violate materials. It does not relieve the owner of the copyright from the duties of detection violations of own copyright.
  6. Private Materials
    Any materials are available only through the account of one end user ana are private and thus considered to be not violating rights if unless stated otherwise by lawfully legitimate party.
  7. No right to decide
    Without notice of the copyright holder, the One-Touch can not make a decision on the competence of each user to use any material on their servers (for example, whether a user is the owner of the work, or the authorized attorney of the owner, whether these downloaded materials for personal use; expired or not the terms of copyright, whether these materials are used in good faith, etc.) Any material are considered to be corresponding to the User agreement, unless otherwise specified by the copyright holder or other authorized person in each case.
  8. Accessibility Materials to the end user
    Materials are considered to be accessible and not removed only with possibility of successful download of entire pristine files that make such Materials. Due to technical restrictions in database URL addresses of One-Touch, lags can appear that may lead to the existence of URL pointing to deleted or non-existent materials. These URL addresses do not lead to any material and attempts to download should be canceled by a corresponding error message.
  9. File name
    User in its sole discretion assign a file name for his personal convenience. File names may not be informative and understandable for human consumption, or about describing the content of the Materials. Nevertheless, the material must not be characterized by file name. The identification and evaluation of any Material can be made only when accessing to such material in its entirety, regardless of the file name.can
  10. Notification of content removal
    End User Materials necessarily will be removed when submitting a violation notice (hereinafter «Notification of content removal "), which NECESSARILY contains the FULL information in the following way, or it will be rejected:
    1. Name and location of the work (s) that is protected by copyright, and body of sides, that makes a claim, authorized to represent it;
    2. Contact information which are sufficient to contact the complaining party, such as an address, telephone number and email address;
    3. Description of the work that is protected by copyright, which is supposed to have been violated (title-required), and, if there is URL to work and/or registration number of the copyright;
    4. URL on the material on the One-Touch website, which is considered to be infringing;
    5. A statement that the complaining party has a good faith belief that use of the contested material is not permitted by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;
    6. A statement that the information contained in the claim is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, confirm that the party submitting the notification is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that may have been violated;
    7. Real name of the party submitting the complaint (as an individual) will be considered as a digital signature.
  11. Text message
    Any messages, including notifications of content removal, received as a text message. Possible attachments for safety reasons can not be opened or are not checked by us. Additional applications to the notification will be processed in the case of a request of the recipient side of this notice.
  12. Delivery of notifications for content removal
    The complaining party has the right to send the request by any of the methods listed below. One- Touch is considered informed of a possible violation, if answer to the appeal. If within a reasonable period of time, the response was not directed, One-Touch recommends using other communication methods, because notice without an answer to the notice of removal of content are considered to be not delivered due to technical reasons beyond the control of One-Touch (eg, letters were classified as spam, lost due to a software error, etc.)
  13. Contacts of assigned DMCA agent:
    Agent on copyright protection One-Touch Email address:,
If you think that any of your rights of the author have been violated by One-Touch user, without delay, please contact our team by any above methods. Any material that may be the subject of a violation will be removed within a reasonable time. To send us a notification of the removal of material, please write to this email address:

Any files stored on our service are deleted (I) after a certain period of non-use; (II) in violation of the User Agreement, additional agreements or applicable law; (III) via a special link provided initially to persons who downloaded them.