Payment Policy

  1. General Provisions.
    1. This Payment Policy includes a Policy of Periodic Payments of One-Touch, which is located at link, it is a separate policy, in accordance with the requirements of the payment card organization.
    2. Subscription and access to advanced features, is the additional services that require a fee or commission (Upgrade of account- Paid Services)
    3. Buying paid services, you agree to pay all fees according to the current price, as well as payment of all taxes and other fees, charged in connection with the use of paid services, and you consent to debit by One-Touch payment by your chosen method for selected by you paid services .
    4. Paid services are provided after confirmation of payment.
    5. One-Touch has the right to carry out billing on behalf and for the benefit of One-Touch.
    6. Several acquired Paid services are used simultaneously and summed. Each purchased service is valid from the date of confirmation of payment.
    7. At the option or for technical reasons (ie payment restriction or lack of money), One- Touch may resort to eminent domain payments by parts are often provided on condition of the total purchase amount as well as established commission.
  2. Free trial.
    1. One-Touch can offer as a reference free subscription, it will allow you to use paid services during the time period specified in the offer (here and hereinafter "courtesy period").
    2. During the action of the trial subscription combination with any other offer is not possible, except cases stated in this promotional offer.
    3. Offer of free access as a trial access is only available to new customers who have not previously been Registered user.
    4. You will not receive notification about the end of the free trial period, you will not receive notification from us that your free trial period is over, and a paid part of your subscription began, however, you can be notified by email when the fee will be charged. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  3. Refunds.
    1. Refunds are carried out exclusively in the case of gratuitous or accidental duplication of subscription. Funds for used service are non-refundable.
    2. Disputes or limitation of One-Touch service, not relating to fraud or incorrect payment, do not allow a refund for your purchase of unused services.
    3. Normally, refunds are made within six (6) months from the date of the return of payment. One-Touch does not guarantee a return extension period in six (6) months.
    4. The refund is carried out in the same form and in your payment currency (for example, by returning the funds to the payment card, if the payment was made from a payment card).
    5. Refund is guaranteed if the subscription was made from the payment card. The subscription fee is made with the help of other billing (for example, mobile billing) or representatives of the payment services (for example, by using electronic money) subjecting to policies and technological limitations of such methods and payment services, can not be returned.
    6. The payment service provider can automatically reject the payment or return the money without your knowledge. One-Touch is not responsible for the actions of the payment service providers.
    7. Monthly service fee can be charged to cover the costs for processing refund and third- party fees.
  4. Discounts and gift accounts.
    1. One-Touch provides and allows third parties to to give gifts, rewards and coupons or vouchers.
    2. Vouchers are considered to be guaranteed valid only if they are received directly from One-Touch. In the event of any One-Touch voucher from a third party, such party shall be responsible for its validity.
    3. Discount coupons do not offer a discount for services that are already available with discount.