Recurring Policy

  1. This policy of periodic payments is an integral additional part of the policy of the payments that is located on
  2. Some tariff plans for Pay Service consist of an initial period, for which the one-time charge is taken, after that coordinated with you periodically amount of fees are debited (for example, weekly or monthly).
  3. By submitting an application for any tariff plan with periodic debiting of funds, you confirm that your subscription includes the initial and periodic parts and you take the responsibility for payment of all periodic charges till cancel of subscription. We may also periodically authorize your payment method before debiting subscription fees or related charges.
  4. If the amount, which shall be debited from your account, does not coincide with the agreed amount you pay (except by reason of the introduction or changes in the amount of state sales taxes), then you have the right to receive, and One-Touch must provide notice of the amount that will be charged and the date of debiting, at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled date of the transaction.
  5. One-Touch reserves the right to divide the periodic transaction into smaller parts and periods on the condition of full certain amount and the unchanged period (eg, monthly periodic payment can sometimes consist of two 50% advance payments debited at the beginning of each half of the month instead of the usual 100% advance payment).
  6. If ever you want to stop any periodic payments - you agree to send an inquiry to One-Touch with the request for termination, using the interface available on One-Touch website or contact customer support. The absence of your request for the termination of any periodic payments before the scheduled date of the next debiting, is considered tobe your consent to the periodic payment.